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Movement for Rethinking Art and Design Education

At the time of student unrest in 1968 groups of staff in a number of art schools rallied to support students.

The outcome was a number of meetings, one with the then Minister of Education, Shirley Williams, and William Coldstream, professor at the Slade and the author of a report on art school education. This was a factor in a liberalisation of, for example, entry requirements which had previously excluded less advantaged students and a move towards less rigid departmentalisation of studies. Some of the results were less positive.

The poster was printed letterpress from wood and metal type: sideways in the press, black was used at one side of the inking rollers and red at the other to suggest the transition from “negative” to “positive”.

Client: Movement for Rethinking Art and Design Education
Date: 1968
Category: Education

Richard Hollis - MoRADE, poster